Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vacation Recap

Because I feel the need to summarize with tally:
Toenails broken off on a Little Tikes kitchen: 1
Inches of snow: 15
Stays spent without leaving the house: 5
Minutes I fell asleep before the ball dropped: 80 (give or take)
Steps Liam can take without falling:4-5
Mom's spinach pies Mike and I made: 2
Mom's spinach pies we threw out: 1.5 (We made way too much food)
Walls added to our basement:4
Afternoon dates with Mike: 1
Toes broken on the Pack N Play: 1
Days Liam spent in the Infant Room at daycare: 0 (He's officially in the Crawler Room)
I know I should have a lot more. This seemed like a good idea when I started. The short lists further proves what and uneventful vacation we had. the older I get, the more I prefer my vacations to be just so.

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