Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 so far

For Liam and I, 2011 has been a pretty boring year. We were snowed in for two days the last week of December. He and I actually went five days without leaving the house because of Christmas and then a blizzard on the 27. He so excited to finally get out. The following week, Liam had an ear infection and pink eye, which meant a few more days in the house. As we are digging out from another storm, Liam and I are enjoying our second snow day of the week. The things to do list is dwindling.

Mike has been working so hard to finish the basement in time for Liam's first birthday. I have been on baby detail. It is tough work to snuggle the baby and play Little People with him while Mike tackles moulding, sheet rock, and painting. The house is upside down right now since the carpet installers will be arriving Friday. Our utility room is filled with furniture. Our dining room is filled with boxes and planes and our sunroom if silled with boxes and pictures. There is no sense in cleaning. It won't help. Since I am the only only one in the family with Monday off, I'll put the house back in order then.

We are trying to watch what we eat. I am so sick of gaining and losing the same ten pounds. If I am going to be teach Liam to be healthy, I must set the example. Therefore, there will be no baking to pass the time.

We have spent a small fortune on the basement. Liam has everything he needs. I am not going to kill time at the mall. Besides, the entire state has cabin fever; I don't have the patience to deal with large crowds.
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This leaves Liam and I in the house yet again. We have played with his toys, watched the neighbors remove snow, scribbled, practiced walking, learned to ride his firetruck, read stories, danced, snacked, snuggled, chased the dog, and perfected our "Roar!!" We ate pancakes and pot roast. We vacuum daily. We've napped together. We have done just about everything that can be done within the 928 feet of living space we call home. This left us one thing left to do: fort!
At first, Liam was happy just to crawl over it.
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He quickly learned it was quite spacious inside:
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Since Liam has no interest in actually riding zebra, his new job involved holding the roof of the south wing and being delicious.
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