Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Things...

I don't want to forget
Liam loves "Night Night Little Pookie." He points to Pookie when we ask where he is. If we attempt to give him any other book before bed, he wiggles and refuses to pay attention. He'll even close the book front side out, as if to let us know we have the wrong book. He is even starting to memorize the book. When the part about getting kisses comes, he moves his head to us and gives us his ears to kiss goodnight.
His other favorite book is SuperHero Me. He picks it up and brings it to me to read. It's a tough and feel book. He loves feeling the pages. When we read the page about the toddler who can battle a T-rex, Liam and I roar back and forth at each other.

The Belly Button Book is Liam's least favorite book. I don't know what it is about it. I think it's adorable and wish he would let me read it to him. No clue why he dislikes it so much.

The Diaper Change Olympic Games have closed. Not only have they come to an end, Liam helps us get his shirt off when it is bath time. He even helps us a bit during diaper changes. He lifts his butt off the ground to help us get the dirty diaper off.

Liam's new obsession is baby massage. I've been doing it since he was born. During diaper and changing wars, I had given up on getting a massage in. Now, he loves it. He especially loves getting his feet rubbed. I love the moment when his foot relaxes and he uncurls his toes. It shows he is truly comfortable and trusting of me. When I try to switch from one foot to the other, he leaves the first foot up as a hint to keep going. He doesn't mind getting his arms rubbed. He doesn't seem to get why I rub his chest and tummy, but he is a baby who loves getting his legs rubbed.

Liam loves to try to figure things out. When he plays baby basketball, if he uses a smaller ball that doesn't activate the buzzer and lights, he has figured out to reach in the hoop and push the button himself. Have to respect a baby that makes sure he gets the credit he deserves.

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