Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You Know It's Hard, Right? (Part Two)

When I joined running club, I had a goal completion time set for the 5K: under 37 minutes.  I've never completed one that fast.  When I "ran" a 5K in April, it took me over 42 minutes to complete it, this was the same amount of time it took me the year before, when I hadn't trained at all.  This time, I had trained for five weeks.  My first short-term goal was to complete it in under 40 minutes.   This happened Monday:

I've been thinking about next steps after running club ends.  There is a Wednesday running session.
Liam takes classes at Laid-Back Fitness.  After talking to one of the women who work there, I decided to start taking classes over the summer to train for an obstacle course race in September.  Liam, aware of my decision, asked on the way to class, "Aren't you taking classes, too?"
     "Yes, over the summer."
     "You know it's hard, right?"
     "Are you questioning me?"
     "Of course not, you're the mama..... But, seriously, it's challenging."

While I worry about Liam's anxiety, how he will manage it as an adult, and how much anxiety is a healthy amount, I must focus on his growth mindset.  One of his largest developments this year is his ability to keep trying.  He's turning into a pretty amazing little dude.

Yes, the classes will be hard.  I am strong, but lack the upper-body strength to do pull-ups or cross monkey-bars.  I can jog for longer periods of time, but I am still not fast.  The thought of running four miles between obstacles sounds daunting, but I know I will get there.  I have to; Liam is watching.

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