Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31

July 31 – Last thing you took a picture of

Ok, yesterday's entry was diffcult because we hadn't been up too long when I wrote. This morning, Liam set up his squeaky ball under his Elmo rocker so that when he rocked, the ball squeaker. He is hilarious! He is also super smart. Yesterday's fight of the nap turned "Operation Toddler Needs to Sleep" into "Operation Keep the Toddler Up Until at Least Seven." Liam finally crashed at 7:30, which gave Mike and I real date time. We played badminton and had a fire in the backyard. Badminton has become our favorite pasttime. Heidi and Jim stopped over for a little bit towards the end of the night. We went in about 11, showered the bug dope and fire off of us, watched a bit of SNL, and went to bed.

The last pictures I took was at Sunflowers for Wishes. Liam has been a little tease when it comes to pictures. He never sits still for them for me. His chair pictures are so difficult to get. He does, however, photobomb strangler. He jumps in everyone else's pictures. Oh, he makes me laugh.

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