Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29

Ok, I missed yesterday. I spent the day in PD. I missed Liam so much that we played all afternoon and evening. I didn't come on here at all. I worked on my six word biography in class but couldn't come up with anything worthy. So on to the next day.
July 29 – Goal to complete before Sept 1
I try not to make goals. I feel like the second I make a goal, I set myself up to fail. I've had lots of goals this summer: ride my bike every day, bump uglies with Mike more instead of crashing after Liam finally goes to sleep (dammit daylight savings time!), stay in better contact with friends.
In my goal to get healthier and try to get my thyroid under control, I made the decision to go gluten free. It's been three weeks. The scale hasn't moved but I feel better. I feel that my stomach doesn't look as bloated. I don't feel the need to nap with Liam every day. I'm finally regular again (I know, TMI). Gluten free wasn't really a goal but a decision I made. Hopefully, this will help my thyroid level off a bit since I have been struggling with it since before Liam was born. Liam knocked it for a loop.
Mike has been a great help with my decision. We've eaten rice pasts twice. I talked sense to me when I wanted so badly to "just order a pizza" when we drove six hours from Maine and unpacked all the camping gear. I even surprised me with Woodchuck cider so I could drink near beer while camping.
I'm on my way to reaching this goal of surviving the transition to gluten free. I guess I did have a goal disguised as a decision.

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