Monday, March 28, 2011

Parent Bingo?

I somehow mistook Liam's stomachbug for his molars coming through. He was miserable and had the runny nose and drool. The fever started Saturday night. We didn't sleep more than two straight hours. Liam spent the entire day on Mike and I. The vomiting started about 8:30 last night and lasted until 3am. We wound up sleeping on the floor in the living room with an old blanket because every other possible sleeping place was dirty. Even if he has been sleeping for an hour, if I attempt to put him down, he cries. Luckily, he has a fever and I have the chills, so we sort of help each other out. I feel like God was listening when Mike and I were talking yesterday about how much it stinks to have a sick baby. I said I would be sick in a heartbeat if it meant Liam would get better. Well, God was listening. I'm sick and he's sleeping it off.
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Mike and I make the joke about Parenting Bingo and joke about what the squares would be.
Here are a few we have experienced:
Breaking a toe moving a Little Tikes item
Peeing through pants when we run out quickly and don't bring the full diaper bag.
Running into people we know when Liam just sneezed and painted himself with the boogers.

I've been sitting on the couch for two days holding a sick baby. I wonder what other rites of passage we have to look foward to.

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  1. Oh poor little Liam! And poor Mama! I hope everyone is feeling better very quickly!