Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to the Positive

It is hard to believe that three short days ago, we were shoveling snow and bundling Liam up. Today we had temps in the 50's. Tomorrow, it won't get above 25. Therefore, Liam and I had to take advantage of today's warm weather. We took a ride to City Park. Liam played with a three year old and her ten week old puppy. He loved the slide and climbing on the gym. We walked down to the water. I am just starting to realise how lucky we are to live a mile from the ocean. People go their entire lives without ever seeing the ocean.
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Liam played with the sand. He made a beeline for the water. I was hoping that if he actually touched the water, he'd feel how cold it was and not want to go near it. That was not even close to the case. Liam loved that the water came and went with the waves. He loved the sand. He loved playing on the jungle gym.
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This was the view from the top of the gym. He climbed and went down the slide. Being a boy, his favorite past was the sticks on the ground.
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I now can not wait for the summer. I was nervous about having enough to do with him over the summer since he is so used to going out and about every day and staying busy at school.

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