Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going broke saving money....

Seven years of waitressing left me always carrying cash. I couldn't spend more than I earned. I was quite frugal back in the day. Fast forward a few years. Mike and I seem to be pretty good with money but I know we could be better. I order Liam's diapers and wipes through This keeps me from going to the store. I am notorious for throwing an extra $30 worth of junk I swear I "need" into the cart. Being lazy and ordering online saves me money. We buy a lot of clothes second hand. Almost all of Liam's toys come from yard sales. However, I need to stop giving into the awesome deals I've been finding. Last Sunday, I stumbled across half price Uggs. I did not at all need them, but I couldn't refuse such a good deal. Saturday, I discovered a deal for a Little Tikes house for Liam. It was almost half price. Over the summer, I have a few plans to attempt to save some money:
We now have a travel trailer for the bike. We live within two miles of three parks, the ocean, the public library, and the community pool. We have a lot of things to do this summer. I plan on taking Liam out daily but riding the bike instead of driving the car. This should shave the $50 a week gas bill.
Instead of planting flowers this summer in my flower bed, I want to plant a few vegetables. Liam loves cucumbers and tomatoes. I'm not sure what else to plant. I have a little time to decide. I have never attempted anything more than maintaining plants so this is a big deal for me.
I need to stop online shopping so much. It is too easy to find deals and take advantage of saving money online. Not actually handing cash over makes the purchase not seem real. Even though it saves money, I need to stop taking advantage of online deals.
I wonder if getting a smart phone will help me save money. All too often, I don't print coupons that I can use because it is usually impossible to get a good amount of time on the computer at home with Liam. I don't have a computer at work. Most places allow you to hand over your phone and they'll scan coupons that way. I'm not saying it'll pay for itself but I would save maybe $5 a month. I am well aware that a plan costs more than that.
I am really hoping that as the weather gets warmer, we'll get out more. That means we'll spend less money as we enjoy free entertainment.

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