Saturday, March 26, 2011

He's Becoming a Person

At this age, Liam's personality is starting to emerge. He is a sweet, silly boy who loves to make people smile. He is friendly and loves playing with his friends. He is also very stubborn. (Well, according to Mike, Liam is "determined." I'm "stubborn.) He'll spend hours trying to fit things together and pile pans on top of each other. I wasted hundreds on toys when I should've just given him ca rte blanch to the Tupperware drawer.
Last week we were putting groceries away in the kitchen. It got very quiet int he dining room. Usually, Liam tries to get into our glasses in there to fit our shot glasses in to Mike's bourbon glasses. We are learning quickly that quiet equals mischief. This is what we found:
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My smart toddler knew to go for the two things I would never let him have: Girl Scout cookies and pudding snacks.

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