Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week One

My first week of buy nothing year is making changes into habits.  I did a few things to avoid temptation:
    * Deleted my shopping Apps (Target, Zuily, etc)
    * Unliked shopping companies on Facebook (KidsDeals, Hip2Save, etc)
    * Unsubcribed to business emails from companies I frequent
 I survived my first trip to target without any extras.  I had a sleeveless shell from the clearance rack in my hand but wanted to get used to my buy nothing state of mind.  I have two drawers of tank tops and shells.  I do not need another one.  I kept to my list!

Mike and I are back on the wagon.  We were doing such a good job for months then fell off following Sandy.  Five days without power threw a wrench in our routine.  I joined a Sparkpeople group with some friends and, hopefully, we will modivate each other.  Sparkpeople is keeping me honest.  A lot of times, I am too lazy to do the math so I resist the urge to eat one of Liam's chicken nuggets or a single piece of candy. 

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