Saturday, May 21, 2011

Confessions of an Accidental TV Watching, Co Sleeping Family

When I was pregnant, I had this ideal set of principles that would guide Mike and I into creating a wonderful, well adjusted child and happy parents. A few of them have gone to the waste side. The first to go away was co sleeping. Liam was a parents dream when it came to sleeping until the ear infections began. When he would wake up screaming, we eventually started snuggling him until he went back to sleep in our bed. It was the lesser of two evils, the first evil being trying to effectively teach with three hours sleep. We used CIO to get him to sleep through the night in his crib in January. It worked until the next ear infection came. We were hoping to get him back to his crib over night after his tubes were put in and his molars arrived. Back to our bed he would come each night. Liam sleeps in his crib until anytime between 2-5 am. Everyone sleeps better and I know I am supposed to fix it but it is working for us right now. I still get to fall asleep in Mike's arms. I know over the summer I will have to get Liam to stay in his own crib but for now it is working.

My second confession involves TV. For the first 13 or 14 months of Liam's life, I was the TV hater. No TV for the Booba. Turn off the TV if he keeps fixating on it. He doesn't need TV. Then diaper changing and getting dressed became Olympic events in our house. Only one person could help us: Sid the Science Kid. Five minutes of Sid allowed Liam to get ready for the day tear free. Mike and I take turns in the morning getting up with Liam so we each get one morning to sleep in. At 6:30 Saturday morning, I bring Liam downstairs, snuggle on the couch under a fleecy blanket, and watch Sesame Street. We bop our heads when Elmo sings and clap when they cheer something. My hatred of TV is less than my love of snuggling my usually nonstop toddler.

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