Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Mike took the time yesterday to summarize our year in a month by month timeline. We both agreed that with the exception of our son's birth, we had a pretty rough year. I am so lucky to have a man who, like myself, tries to find the positive in everything. It made me wonder what the most important compatabilities are in successful relationships. We are food compatable, althought I am much pickier than he ever is. We have similar views on politics and religion and morals. How do people with opposet views get through dinner? Maybe it would make for much more interesting conversations.

I am refreshing the computer over and over to get election results. Polls close in two minutes. My friend Tim is doing something more people should do. He is running for state representative. Most of us do more than just complain. I consider casting educated votes enough but I know I should to more. Yesterday, I contemplated what I wanted from myself in the following year. I need to add do more for my country in terms of politics. I need to use my voice. And I need to watch the screen to see if Tim won.

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