Thursday, June 16, 2011

"All Boy"

I hear this about Liam all the time. i am starting to think "All Boy" is a nice way of saying "toddler of fury." He gets into everything. He tries to take apart everything. He throws thirty second tantrums. He throws food the way Daniel Bard pitches: fast but with little accuracy.
A few favorite "All Boy" moments:
A thirty second tantrum because I refused to let him sticks his toothbrush in the power outlet.
When I asked him to use his words today when reaching for a sippy cup, he started saying "word" over and over while reaching for the cup.
While changing a diaper full of poop pellets, he decided he wanted to play with the poops and was very upset that I didn't think that was a good idea.
He showed his determination by trying to take out the ceiling fan with a broom today.
He had learned how to get out of bed.

Through all of this, I love him more and more every day. He is a little person. This eyes make it impossible to get frustrated with the little guy when he tears through the house.

Mike and I took Monday off and spent the day togehter. We went to take lake where Mom's ashes are and let Liam put daisies in the water. He wanted to play.

We went to Mom's favorite ice cream parlor and had lemon ice cream. We got Liam his own kiddie soft serve because, if mom were her, she would have bought him his own ice cream. He did really well with it. However, he was wstill wired four hours later. Next year, we will do the ice cream earlier.

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