Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working Momma Survery

I am totally (shamelessly) stealing this from another blog.
A little bit about us:
Mike and I have been married for almost three years and together for almost six. We knew instandly that this was right. We made the decision to move in together after nine months. In our pre baby life, we spent a lot of time going to Red Sox games, sitting in our backyard around the fire pit, and enjoying each other as much as possible. In our post baby life, we try to spand as much time as possible with the Boo and with each other.

The day-by-day:
4:30 ish Liam wakes up and we bring him to bed with us
5:30 Mike's alarm goes off
6:00 my alarm goes off
6:10-6:15 I get out of bed and let Liam sleep with in bed
7:00 out the door and drop Liam off at daycare
7:40-2:40 work. (I know I am incredibly lucky)
3:00-5:00 Pick Liam up at DC. During this time, we run errands, play, go to the park, etc. I try to get the house picked up, start dinner, and get things ready for the next day so when Mike gets home, we get more family time.
5:00- 7:30 dinner, get ready for the next day, play time as a family
7:30-8:30 night time routine for Liam
8:30-10 ish Mike and Kerri time. We talk, watch a movie or a game, share a beer, have ice cream, turn the TV off and talk, sit outside (with the monitor of course), have a fire in the backyard... The important thing is to make time for our relationship.

Do you & your husband work as a team?
We are an amazing team. I can not imagine doing this with anyone else. We manage time incredible well. We fell into a routine. Everythng gets done without having to make lists or deligate chores. We also make sure to give the other time to themselves.

What do your weekends look like?
One of the rewards of working to get things done during the week is that the weekends belong to us. We live near the ocrean so we pack Liam into his carseat around the time he takes his nap. While he's napping, we drive to the ocean, watch the water, and drink coffee. We take Liam to parks near us or go get lunch or ice cream by the water.

What is your secret to making things work?
Not having a choice. Ha! I don’t mean to be cheeky, but I don’t have the option of it not working. (I'm stealing this beginning.) Again, we are pretty much solo. I do like that we get to do what we would like and raise Liam as we'd like. It would be nice to help help, but we make get a sense of pride by doing it ourself and raising this incredible young man.

Would you stay home with your kid if given the opportunity?
I stayed home with Liam for the first seven months of his life. It is so weird to think that I've been a wokring momma as long as I've been a stay at home momma. Liam gets so much socialization and development from day care. I truly enjoy my career. I might be a bad mom for saying this, but I don't think I could stay home forever. The winters are long and we were both getting cabin fever during our snow days. I am also lucky to get a lot of vcations. I am very much looking forward to staying him with him over the summer.

When I really stop and think about it, we are an incredibly busy, lucky family.

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