Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ten Months

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Thanks to the updates I receive from Women and Infants hospital, I realized I have only eight weeks until Liam's first birthday. I look online at first birthday parties and some just seem so over the top. While I'd like to do something nice, I understand that Liam will never remember his first birthday. We know we have about twenty-five people who absolutely need to be there. I refuse to rent a hall as that will be about our entire party budget. I want to do the theme "Winter One-derland" and just serve milk and cookies. Everyone loves milk and cookies. I'm thinking of the idea of a hot chocolate station. I'll see what I can do with that.

Daycare is like cable in the sense that you pay for it whether you use it or not. Therefore, we are sending Liam to daycare for a few hours a day during vacation. Liam loves daycare and it will give Mike a I a few hours to get things done and enjoy some times to ourselves. I've been jokingly calling it "Nooner Week." Our biggest priority is getting the basement refinished from the flooding in March. Now that Liam is going everywhere, he needs a place to play.

Since Liam is getting into everything, we're not setting the tree up until right before Christmas. It is amazing how from time to t time, a magic week will go by in which he learns so much. In the past two weeks, he has started pushing himself with a push toy and standing on his own. He has also started becoming very shy. A month ago, he's play with any adult; now he is so shy. Getting him to even hi-five Santa was a feat yesterday.

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Sometimes, I wish I could slow down time so much. I understand my days of giving bottles and napping in my arms are coming to an end. However, I love seeing the personality of my son develop. He is hilarious. He loves being chased now. He makes funny noises and wants us to imitate him. He plays with us. He tries to solve things for himself and figure out how things work. I am am zed at how much Liam is capable of doing. While I am fully aware that these are our "Good Ole Days," I wouldn't stop time for anything.

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