Saturday, July 3, 2010

Five Months

A day late but we got it done. He is nineteen pounds. I still have to measure his length. It was bittersweet to realize that I could not send them down to my mom and have her oogle over how big and cute he is getting. I wonder when i will stop separating life into two distinct time periods; before mom passed and after she passed. When I dropped off some library books, I realized, "Mom was alive when I took these out." When will I stop doing that?

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He just learned how to sick his tongue out. He moves it to the side when he is concentrating. Typical man. It is amazing to watch his mind work. He wants to crawl. He can creep but not crawl. He loves to laugh and will cackle until breathless if we let him. He will practice his voice for hours, especially working on a high pitched squeal. Today, he even stood on his own, using a base to hold on to.

It is scary to think that I only have two months of maternity leave left. I tear up just thinking about it. How lucky am I to have witnessed so much of his early life?

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