Sunday, February 3, 2013

Month One

I will begin by admitting I bought Liam some items for his birthday.  Denying him birthday party decorations and a birthday shirt because I made a bet with myself seemed silly.  I spent $25 on decorations for his birthday party and $17 for a custom shirt.  I resisted January clearance sales.  I lost my urge to browse online site. 

He needed this shirt

I was starting to get antsy.  I wanted to buy something new to wear to Liam's birthday.  Obviously, the party would be ruined if I didn't wear something cute.  That afternoon, my Visa bill arrived.  I paid it off after the holidays.  Instead of my usual thought of "Oh, crap,"  I actually "squeed" when I saw the bill this month.  The only items on the bill were gas and my haircut.  That motivated me to find something to wear in my closet instead of the mall.

I took Liam to Savers to pick up some pants.  He's been wearing through knees on his jeans.  Even the Baby Gap jeans only lasted three weeks before he wore out the knees.  I picked him up a bunch of jeans and khakis.  I found a Talbots blazer there for me for $6.99.  While wearing it at school, I found a dollar in the pocket.  Double score!

There are a few things I would like to have.  After seeing the difference a good straightener makes, I have toyed with getting a new hair dryer.  I straighten of curl my hair almost every day.  The Chi saved my hair.  However, I don't blow dry it enough to justify an expensive dryer.  I bought a cheapie facial brush last year to see if it made a difference.  The brush, juxtaposed with drinking eight glasses of water a day and a good dermatologist, has made my skin glow.  The brush just started to slow down.  I am in the process of writing reviews for beauty products on a site I subscribe to.  I have to write a ridiculous number of reviews to earn enough points to get the Clarisonic.  I'm temped to keep up with it just to see if I can. 

As I enter my second month, it is getting easier.  I've been playing with pieces I already have.  I've been working out and lost six pounds this month.  I have about nine more to get to my prepregnancy weight.  (I gained weight back from the fall.  All it took was five days without power to make me lose my mojo.)

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